The New World Festival partners with Montpelier’s Summit School of Traditional Music and Culture this year to offer afternoon workshops to festival patrons at no additional cost! Intermediate to advanced fiddle, guitar, banjo players can participate in Irish, Cape Breton and Old Time String Band workshops Sunday afternoon.

Irish Workshop with Benedict Koehler and Hilari Farrington: (1:00 – 2:20pm)
Intermediate through advanced players of any instrument will learn a solid set of Irish traditional session tunes, and find out how to get that signature Irish “lift” in their playing. Recording devices welcome.
About Benedict & Hilari: Benedict Koehler and Hilari Farrington are respected across North America as teachers and, when pressed, performers of Irish traditional music. Founders of the Vermont School of Irish Traditional Music, this couple has helped to create a vibrant Vermont Irish music scene where tunes are played at the relaxed pace of the older Irish traditional styles.  

Southern Old Time String Band Workshop with Dana and Susan Robinson (2:30-3:50pm)
Intermediate through advanced fiddle, banjo, and guitar players will learn a trio of Southern Old Time tunes, and learn how all the pieces fit together to achieve that driving sound! (mandolin, bass, and tenor guitars also welcome)
About Dana & Sue:  Dana and Susan Robinson have been touring throughout North American and the UK for over two decades, and have released a dozen full-length CD’s of their signature blend of songwriting and Appalachian string band music.  Residents of Cabot, Dana and Sue spent 15 years living and studying Old Time String band music in Western North Carolina. 

Beth Telford

Cape Breton Workshop with Beth Telford (4:00-5:20pm)
Intermediate through advanced fiddle players will learn tunes and the ornamentation that gives Cape Breton music its unique sound.  Other melody instruments also welcome.
About Beth: Beth has been playing and teaching fiddle in New England for more than 30 years.