Yves Lambert Trio

Yves Lamert Trio

Yves Lambert was one of the founding members of La Bottine Souriante in 1976. For 26 years he was a major figure in the band, which was both famous in Quebec, and internationally. Yves Lambert is among the most influential players in the revival of traditional Québécois roots music. He is known for his unique ability to translate anecdotal, poetic or political texts into songs. His work as a songwriter and his capacity to create unique musical moods make him a key figure in folk music production. Critics have defined him as a “leading light in the traditional aesthetic of our cultural heritage.”

In January of 2003, he went searching for new musical adventures. Always on the lookout for innovative trends, and attentive to the new guard of Québécois musicians, he surrounded himself with young talent and created the Bébert Orchestra in 2004, and later the Yves Lambert Trio in 2010. The Yves Lambert Trio showcases the unique connection between maturity and youth by creating a new world of poetry and celebration. His charisma and talent, combined with Tommy Gauthier and Olivier Rondeau’s virtuosity and passion, the nuances of their arrangements, and their distinct vocal harmonies results in a unique sound that has attracted attention from fans of traditional music all over the world.

By reviving undiscovered songs and adding their own brand of energy, multicultural ambiance and colorful sounds, the Yves Lambert Trio has established a niche for itself in the traditional music world.