Yankee Chank

Yankee ChankYankee Chank is a group of Vermont musicians who perform traditional dance music from Southwest Louisiana that features fiddle, accordion, guitar, bass and percussion. They specialize in traditional Cajun French two-steps and waltzes as it continues to be played in the rural dance halls and honky tonks of Louisiana, with some Zydeco thrown in for extra spice. Drawn together by a passion for this zesty traditional music, the group has performed at weddings, festivals, nightclubs, community gatherings, parties and other events since debuting at First Night! Burlington in 1996. Individually and as a group, they have learned from and performed with many of the most important Cajun musicians in Louisiana, including Dewey Balfa, Conray Fontenot, Marc and Ann Savoy, Michael Doucet and BeauSoleil, Geno Delafose, and others.