For over a decade, this Acadian power trio has carved a prominent place on the international stage. Inspired by their passion and love of traditional music, Vishtèn reinterprets with great respect and love the sound universe of the musicians who have preceded them.

The small province of Prince Edward Island and the neighboring islands of the Magdalen Islands are nestled in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. In addition to being connected by a ferry today, the two islands have shared a common history and a cultural link for centuries. When the first French settlers sought a better life in the New World, they brought with them their musical traditions. This culture predominates in a small area on Prince Edward Island, and throughout the Magdalen Islands. For centuries the musical connection between these two communities has been fed by fishing trips and weddings among francophones. Vishtèn embodies this successful musical marriage.

Pastelle LeBlanc, Emmanuelle LeBlanc and Pascal Miousse are direct descendants of the first families of settlers in this region. Inspired by their musical roots, these three musicians have forged their own sound by combining original arrangements of Acadian songs and traditional tunes and instrumental compositions. The excellent multi-instrumentalists create their own musical universe that blends perfect vocal harmonies, foot tapping and percussive jitter, electronic sounds, and acoustic instrumental virtuosity on violin, acoustic and electric guitar, accordion, harmonium, Irish flutes, piano, bodhrán, rattletrap.

Since its inception in 2000, Vishtèn established itself as one of the most electrifying bands on the international traditional/folk scene. The trio has released four albums and won numerous awards. At this year’s East Coast Music Awards in Cape Breton, Vishtèn was awarded the “Roots / Traditional Group Recording of the Year” for their album Red Earth. We are excited to welcome them back to this year’s New World Festival!