Liz Simmons & Hannah Sanders

SimmonsSanders1Sid Ceaser
Liz Simmons (The John Whelan Band, Annalivia, Long Time Courtin) from New England and Hannah Sanders (The Dunns) from Old England join forces to create a harmonic blend of voice and guitar. Their music draws from English musical traditions, as well as American old time, blues and contemporary folk. Even though they grew up with an ocean between them, they had similar childhoods spent traveling with musical parents, and were exposed to many different styles of music, among them traditional folk and rock and roll. A transatlantic pairing of two seasoned performers who stay busy with other projects but love to tour together, Hannah and Liz have impressed audiences with their unique haunting vocal blend, their guitar chops, and their witty stage banter. They have toured in the northeastern US, opening for Karan Casey & John Doyle and The Wiyos, and sharing shows with Matt & Shannon Heaton, and Laura Cortese & Jefferson Hamer, in addition to headlining their own shows, and they will be touring in the US and the UK in 2014 in support of their new EP “World Begun”.