Odd Man Out

John Drury, Musician – Guitar, Cittern, Mandolin

John is a veteran of the Quebecois and New England folk scenes.  Born in Barre, VT, John began playing the guitar at the age of 5. He became highly proficient on electric guitar during the 1970’s and then as an adult perfected his unique style of celtic acoustic guitar.  Recorded by the Smithsonian, original performing member of the Ground Hog Opry, John is known to make every musical moment just that little bit more wonderful with his creative accompaniment.

Debbie Drury, Contradance Caller

Debbie came to from RI to Vermont in 1985 after a tour with the Green Mountain Volunteers in Europe.   Deb became a caller in the 1980’s learning from callers in Boston (Susan Elberger, Tony Parkes, Cammy Kaynor), at dances all over New England and dancecamps throughout the US.  A dancer first, she has a unique ability to quickly access her dancers abilities and call enjoyable dances for all.  A caller at the first New World Festival and many since, she is excited to be back!

Carrie Cook, Upright Bass, Washtub Bass, Kazoo and Vocals

Well, I was luckily born into a quirky musical and aesthetic family. My dad was a jazz musician with an incredible Duke Ellington touch on piano and also played a bunch of other instruments—among them, bass, bassoon and baritone sax, which he played for a while in Woody Herman’s orchestra. My mom, a talented pianist who also played clarinet, made me take piano lessons at a very young age but I liked hanging out with my three Swedish uncles better on the front porch of my grandparents farm in Indiana. One played guitar, another, banjo and the last, dobro. Occasionally my grandpa, an accomplished organist, would get down the ‘ol  Stainer fiddle from the shelf (passed down from at least 2 generations from the old country) to play a couple of tunes. I cut my teeth on jazz… I mean that for real. As a baby I can remember listening to Fats Waller and I can still hear him rattling around in the oldest back corridors of my brain cells. BUT, I gotta say, my uncles had a huge influence on me with their old time country and bluegrass tunes.