Claude Méthé (fiddle, guitar, vocals), Dana Whittle (guitar, feet, harmonica, vocals), Denise Levac (flute, whistle, vocals). Mil is three “grains” that have been sown in the rich soil of Québec and American folk tradition; small, but they go a long way! These three trad-folk veterans have already produced a bountiful harvest in the form of family band Dentdelion and with the birds away from the nest much of the time playing with even more sibling bands, their parents have decided to sprout a new crop of music on their own. The name Mil also makes reference to the sheer quantity of tunes played and composed by this trio – we finally have a chance to hear some of Denise’s gorgeous melodies, Claude alone composes at least a tune per week, and Dana isn’t far behind with tunes and songs in both languages. Get ready for “genetically modified” trad and newly-sprouted repertoire!