Méthé, Savoie-Levac & Babineau

Béatrix Méthé

Born in Vermont in 1995, Béatrix grew up in a musical family in the region of Lanaudière, Québec. Throughout her entire childhood she has listened to her dad play traditional fiddle and her mom sing folk songs. She’s been singing since she took her first steps and she picked up the fiddle at age nine. Béatrix learned the basics of classical violin at elementary school and polished her playing at home with her dad as well as learning from a other fiddlers including André Brunet, Laura Risk, Pascal Gemme, Stéphanie Lépine, Aly Bain and more. Although she’s now devoted to traditional music, she’s never completely left behind her classical training. She has participated in many classical solo competitions and performed for three years in the Joliette Youth Symphony Orchestra. Besides Dentdelion and Les Poules à Colin, both family and friends folk/trad bands, Béatrix has many musical projets including a folk duo with Colin Savoie-Levac, a folk/pop project called Général Béa, and several other collaborations with Québec artists. She won her high school’s grand prize in the 2012 province-wide Sécondaire en Spectacle competition.

Colin Savoie-Levac

Colin Savoie-Levac is 18 years old and a native of St-Jean-de-Matha, Québec. Born into a musical family, he has long been a singer of traditional songs and began to play the mandolin at the age of 12. Not long after, he added banjo, guitar and foot percussion to his talents. He currently attends cégep (between high school and university) in Jazz. He is a member of Dentdelion and Les Poules à Colin as well as several other Québec formations. He made his formal début at the 2006 St- Jean celebration in Montréal, performing with Yves Lambert (La Bottine Souriante) for a public of 250,000 people. He has toured extensively with Dentdelion in Canada and the US.

Nicolas Babineau

A native of the Bois-Francs region of Québec, 16-year old Nicolas Babineau started on his grandfather’s old fiddle at age 7. While he started with classical lessons, at camp ViolonTradQuébec he discovered traditional Québecois fiddle style. His repertoire has been growing ever since and he has participated in many fiddle competitions and given many concerts. He currently studies at the Conservatory of Classical Music of Trois-Rivières and in 2011 recorded his first trad album “Violon d’autrefois et d’aujourd’hui”. Nicolas was also first-place winner of the 2011 and 2012 Sécondaire En Spectacle, province-wide high school performance competitions. A natural-born multi-instrumentalist, he plays electric guitar, bass, mandolin, bouzouki, fiddle and does foot percussion and can pretty much pick up any instrument and make it sound good! Despite his great talent, he remains a modest and easygoing guy.