Les Bordéliques

Gabriel Girouard is a musician; Mélissandre Tremblay-Bourassa is a dancer. Les Bordélique is an interdisciplinary duo inspired by jig, ballet and contemporary dance, with an eclectic signature distinguished by the accessible character of their work. At the heart of their approach is the desire to tell a story through dance and music, as precisely as words do. Together, they offer theatrical, narrative and clown works in which movements, melodies and rhythms are embodied in playful characters and stories. Gabriel is trained in musicology, improvisation and contemporary music. He’s worked as an interpreter and composer since 1999. His work with Cirque de Soleil artists inspired him to develop a violin act on stilts. Mélissandre graduated form Quebec’s Jeune Ballet and has worked professionally as an interpreter, teacher, and choreographer. She has danced for a variety of ensembles, including La Bottine Souriante and Rapetipetam. New World Festival audiences will remember her exuberant dancing during the French Session. Their performances promise to delight audiences of all ages.