Jordan and Tommy Belanger


From Victoriaville, Quebec, brothers Tommy (age 19) and Jordan Bélanger (age 14) began classical violin lessons at age 6. Tommy studied violin for six years, then put aside the violin for the acoustic guitar. He improved his self-taught guitar playing by accompanying violin players and listening to a lot of traditional folk music from Quebec. Jordan studied classical violin for nine years and discovered his passion for traditional Quebec music, much like Tommy in 2008, in a fiddle group workshop organized by their mother. Since then, they have attended many workshops, festivals and concerts and have participated in countless traditional music sessions. The brothers have won numerous honors, including an award in a competition of emerging artists at the Festival Émergences in the summer of 2014 in Victoriaville. Jordan was invited to the Junior Showcase of the Canadian Grand Master this summer.  Tommy and Jordan won the 2015 Young Tradition Vermont Contest and have recently released their debut CD.