John Doyle & Nuala Kennedy

John Doyle
Name many of the most notable recordings and/or performers in Irish music and it’s a fair bet that John Doyle had something to do with them. At 16, he began playing professionally with the group Chanting House which he formed with Susan McKeown. He went on to form the highly acclaimed supergroup Solas which took the folk and Celtic music worlds by storm, in no small part due to John’s powerhouse rhythmic guitar style and innovative arrangements. John continues to perform and tour with notable musicians in the folk, Celtic and bluegrass worlds. Doyle, Nuala Kennedy and Eamon O’Leary comprise The Alt, a leading light on today’s folk scene and already confirmed for the 2021 New World Festival.
Nuala Kennedy 
World renowned traditional singer and flute player Nuala Kennedy grew up playing Irish music in Dundalk, County Louth and currently resides in Ennis, County Clare with her Appalachian singer husband A. J. Roach and their two young children. Nuala is known for her creative reworking and reimagining of traditional songs and for her unique Irish flute style, formed in Dundalk and honed in her long-time adopted home of Edinburgh, Scotland. She is a musical adventurer who is recognized world-wide as a superlative performer of traditional music. Her performance with John Doyle this year is a hint of what’s to come next year when The Alt makes its debut performance at the Festival.