Jennings & Ponder

Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder have become a kind of Vermont tradition in their own right.

As jennings and Ponder, they’ve received wide recognition for being among today’s best performers of the traditional folk tale.

Their most recent live storytelling CD, “The King and the Thrush,” received an American Library Association “Notable Children’s Recording” award; this is the highest honor given, and indicates that the CD was one of the 25 best children’s audio products of 2010l, in any category, including music and audiobook. It was the only storytelling so honored that year. Their first CD, “World Tales” also won a “notable,” a third CD, “Wolves,” won Parents’ Choice Silver.

The couple have told stories in major venues across North America and abroad, but their artistic development has been most strongly shaped by more than three decades of their favorite kind of work: performing for rural Vermonters. Some of their shorter pieces they discovered “live,” still in oral circulation in New England families.

As “Sheefra,” the couple plays traditional Celtic instrumental music on harp and concertina. They recently contributed 6 cuts to the FolkSounds 3 disc compilation, “English International: A history of the English Concertina with some of the best players from around the world”

Tim and Leanne are married. They live in Montpelier with a greyhound dog and a marmalade cat.