Frost and Fire


Frost and Fire (Aaron Marcus, Peter Macfarlane, Viveka Fox, and Hollis Easter), has been lighting up dance floors and concert halls in Central Vermont and across the continent since 2011, starting with their very first performance 5 years ago just across the mountain at Pierce Hall in Rochester, Vt.  The band plays for contra dances, concerts, Scottish country dances, and English country dances, featuring Scottish border pipes, twin fiddles, flutes, whistles, concertina, piano, banjo, and various styles of traditional foot percussion.  Their album, Midwinter Spring, has received much acclaim for its exquisite fusion of old and new songs and dance tunes.  All members of the band write original tunes for the band, and play numerous instruments.  Frost and Fire got its name from T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets, and often accompanies poetry readings such as this work in its concerts.