Eat Well!

Randolph’s restaurants, non-profit organizations and private cooks are turning out to provide an array of unbelievably great food for the Festival! Food will be available in the main food tent and in booths along the street. You can eat while listening to music in the Dance Tent or you can find a quiet corner. Please no food or drink other than water in Chandler Music Hall or Bethany Church! Beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for sale in the food tent.

To purchase food/drink from our vendors, you must buy food tickets for $1 each at the admissions tent and use these to pay the vendors. The average meal costs between 4-9 food tickets. Food tickets will be available at the admissions tent throughout the day, so if you run out you can get more as you need them. Approximate prices are listed below.

Water/soda: 1 food ticket
Beer/wine: 4-6 food tickets

2017 Food Vendors

Please note that these prices are approximate and are subject to change!

Organic, soy free chocolate confections and organic ice cream and sorbet made from scratch $2-9

  • Cecil Foster, Bristol, VT

Steak & Cheese , BBQ pulled pork, Italian sausage $7; BBQ Rib dinner $9; Burgers $4; Veggie Burgers $6; Hot dogs $3

  • Lelak & Tomasko Bakery, Randolph, VT

Sweet and savory pastries $2-5; beverages, coffee 

Wood fried pizzas $6-8; cookies and pastries $1-4; coffee and tea $2-3

  • Russian Village, Randolph, VT

Meatball dinner $7; Borsht $4; Kasha $4; Kale salad $4; Chicken rice pilaf $7; French onion soup $6; Black current lemonade $2; Russian teas.

  • John’s Episcopal Church, Randolph, VT

Pies by a slice $3; Grilled cheese sandwiches $2 

Yak sausage/bacon veggie wraps $8; Yak beef burgers $9; Yak sausage sandwiches $10; Veggie wraps $8; lemonade $2

  • Rick Lansing, Enosburg Falls, VT

Strawberry lemonade $5, pretzels $4, Nachos $6, cotton candy $4

Dumplings $6-8, Chicken curry and rice $8, Mango Lassi

  • Pete’s Seafood, St. Johnsbury, VT

Lobster and crab salad rolls $9

  • Billy Stray Roasted Corn, Woodstock, VT

Roasted corn $2-3; Jerk chicken and jerk pork dinner $6-8

Asian Noodle salad, with or without chicken $5-8

Hand cut French fries, sweet potato fries, poutine, homemade chili cheese fries $3-7

  • Wayne Warner, Randolph, VT

Beer and Wine 

  • Bottled water and soda $1