Need a lift? Want to coordinate the trip to Randolph? Leave a comment here; maybe a fellow festival-goer can help you out.

1 thought on “Bulletin Board

  1. I have been attending New World Festival for 24 of the last 25 years. The only reason I missed 1 year was to attend a family wedding. I love the New World Festival primarily because it’s a 1 day, well organized event with a jam packed schedule from noon to midnight of stunning performances by French Canadian and Celtic performers! There are varied experiences for musical enjoyment scheduled simultaneously from noon to midnight: lively outdoor “sessions” , concerts in a historic Opera House for large gatherings, or a church as a more intimate performance space, or music on both the dance and family stages. Furthermore, the talent, energy and enthusiasm from each the musicians at the festival is contagious. Last but not least, every year I attend, there is either a band or solo performer, I’ve never heard of before, yet their performance “knocks my socks off”. It is the “icing on the cake” of a wonderful day, and annual event that I wouldn’t ever want to miss.

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