Another Wonderful New World Festival!

New World Festival-2610Tim Calabro | First Light Studios

This post on Vishtèn’s Facebook page said it all, “New World Festival @ Randolph, VT was amazing! Quelle belle journée! Such a great vibe … loads of music, kick ass contra dancing, food and fun-music-loving people – we had a full day of shows and are now exhausted, but we loved every minute of it!! MERCI!!”

Fiddler Mariel Vandersteel agreed, “I just wanted to thank you again so much for having us up at the New World Festival. It was a truly magical day and once we were settled into our host’s house and on the drive back we all were agreeing that it was a wonderful event. We loved the traditional aspect of it and how much of a community sense it had about it. The size was perfect and the venues were great. And it was stress free – so amazing it’s all volunteer-based.”

It was a great day, indeed! Performances the young Québécois trad band Les Poules à Colin and by young musicians in The Irregulars, The Zeichner Band, and Vermont Capers were joyful testament to the growing interest in traditional and roots music that is sustained and nurtured by gifted teachers and dedicated schools throughout the region. This new generation of musicians and dancers is breathing new life and excitement into time-honored traditions, and the New World Festival celebrates being part of this.

Seeds for next year’s festival have already been planted. Mark your calendars for Sunday August 31, 2014! We’ll hope to see you there.