2012 Commemorative Quilt

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the New World Festival, we’re creating a one-of-a-kind commemorative quilt for this year’s celebration on Sunday September 2, 2012. Our goal is to raise enough money from the sale of raffle tickets to purchase the Festival’s own dance floor.

We hope that the quilt squares created for this project are as diverse as the people that love the festival, and that each reflects its joy and vibrancy. We’d love to receive squares from musicians, dancers, patrons, and festival volunteers, and we encourage everyone to spread the word about this project. Perhaps we’ll even have enough for two quilts!

All squares should be constructed of washable materials. Traditional and not-so-traditional quilting, appliqué, paper piecing, and fabric painting are all acceptable submissions. The size of the quilt will be dependent upon the number of squares received.

Each square should be 10.5 inches. With allowances for quarter-inch seams, the finished squares will be ten inches. Finished squares should be submitted to Chandler by April 30 at 71-73 Main Street, Randolph, Vermont 05060.

You have been an important part of the Festival’s long and distinguished history. Even if you aren’t able to contribute to this effort, please think about forwarding information about the project to someone who might be interested.